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It’s been a really bad night….

I went to work tonight and everything was fine. But about an hour in I get a phone call and my mom tells me that my brother was attacked. I started to tear up at the thought that he may not be all right. My heart was racing so fast and all I could ask was if he was okay and she told me that was. And then she told me what happened. Now my brother is a pretty big guy. He’s 16 and 6ft 3, he’s got a large/broad build especially through the shoulders, not the kinda guy you’d wanna mess with, so this surprised me a bit.

My brother had been swimming with his group of friends a couple blocks from home. When he decided to head back home the sun had gone down so it was dark out. Almost there he noticed he was being followed and picked up his pace, but when the guy kept following him he turned around and stopped in the street making eye contact with the guy basically just trying to make him realize he’s not stupid and he knows he’s being followed by a man dressed in all black. When he turns back around heading on his way, he hears footsteps running on the wet concrete behind him and the guy grabs his wrist and yanks his arm behind his back and, like the badass my brother is, he swings around and punches the guy straight in the throat as hard as he can. After, the guy seemed shocked that he fought back and then I guess decides it’s probably best not to mess with him anymore and he runs away between some houses and my brother continues on his way back home. 

Later on he calls my mom and tells her what happened and she wants to file a police report but my brother protests and asks if he could talk with one of his friends first. She says okay and he does so.

Come to find out, the man who assaulted my brother was his friend. His friends had set him up and are playing it off as a prank or a joke and are even saying that my brother was wrong to have punched the hooded “attacker” in self defense. When my brother talked to this guy he told him that it’s common knowledge that he usually keeps a pocket knife on him but because he had went swimming he decided against bringing it but if he did have it, things could have gone very differently. My brother said if he did have it on him he would have pinned the attacker to the ground and screamed until someone nearby called the cops. If things got worse, one of both of them could have been hospitalized all just because of his friend’s stupid choice to pull a “prank” like they did, which was not funny in any way shape or form. They thought it’d be fun /funny to stalk him and then attack him….give him a good scare. How on earth did they come to the conclusion that that’s okay?! I can’t get over that. It makes no fucking sense.

But now we know who the attacker was, no one wants to do anything about it. Everyone wants to sweep it under the rug. No one wants to file a police report, no one wants to get these kids parents involved…nothing. Period. No one is doing anything about this. 

My brother’s the only one of his friends to have any sense of morality or sense of right and wrong and he’s put up with their bullshit and bullying ways for years and I feel that this time they’ve gone too far. But apparently no one around me agrees enough to do anything and I can’t do anything about it because if I do try to file a report no one is going to confirm it and my word would be useless, I’d be made out to be a liar. Or if my brother did confirm, the situation would all be turned around and blamed on my brother and the attacker would become the victim. 

My parents never fought for me when I needed them and now they aren’t fighting for my brother either when he needs them. They spoonfed us this lie all our lives that they’d do anything to help us or protect us and they still feed it to my brother but they never act upon their word when necessary. And now my brother is going to be silent about what happened and these guys are going to get away with what they did. That’s not okay and I feel like I’m the only one who cares.

All of tonight, between receiving information and mulling over the whole situation my family has been presented with, I’ve been at work by myself crying hysterically and feeling scared and afraid and overthinking everything. As if I wasn’t upset and on edge enough already. This has made it all infinitely worse. And right now all I can think about on top of all the stress and depressing stuff that’s been going on inside of me, family drama aside, is how twisted and fucked up this world is. How I can’t trust or count on anyone but myself and how alone I am (we all are). Even the ones I call family or friends…. I can’t always count on them. I’m alone.

That’s really fucking scary. I’m so scared guys. So fucking scared. 

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  1. sixtyfourth said: I’m here for you Kels. If you need a chat I’m always up for one xx
  2. awkward-sparrow said: Oh wow… That’s- I’m so sorry, Kels. I can’t imagine being in your place and honestly that just sucks (sorry for the lack of a better term, it’s hard to process all this). I wish I could help somehow…
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